Born in Montgomery, Alabama, Terell Anderson is a graphic designer, web designer, activist, and American worker. Terell grew up in public housing in a single-parent household with his mother and siblings. He watched his mother work many different jobs to provide him and his siblings with a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on the table. This situation was not exclusive to him. Growing up, many of the kids in his community had the same lived experience of a single mother household.

Growing up in public housing and impoverished areas taught Terell the art of survival and how to work with the resources you have. For Terell living to survive was never enough, and working with the minimum resources you have, while others across town had vast resources, seemed unbalanced. After graduating high school, Terell entered the workforce for two years working at an automotive factory before attending college.

Terell attended the Art Institute, where he furthered his knowledge in graphic and web design, a field that he has been learning on his own since he was 14. While in college, he worked at Wendy’s and as a freelance designer to pay for tuition. He still works as a freelance designer today. Terell has done graphic and web design work for Grammy Award-winning artists and Nominees, as well as business branding across Atlanta, GA.

Terell doesn’t come from a family of political and social activists, he doesn’t come from a family with a heavily educated background, but his mother always made sure that education came first. Terell comes from a family of survivors and hustlers, where surviving in this country was all that they knew.


I’m running for Congress because I believe in servitude that will benefit more than myself. The people of Alabama deserves a leader in Congress that will put their needs and the needs of their families before the needs of the corporate powers. It’s the everyday American workers that keeps this country ahead, the everyday American workers that keeps this country the richest country on earth. It’s time that everyday workers reap the benefits of their hard labor. Alabamians deserve access to quality healthcare, better education and better resources for communities and families to grow.

I believe that everyone in this country is entitled to healthcare, which is why I want to help move the needle to medicare for all, I care that all kids in this country get a quality education, which is why I am for expanding the budget for public education and adding life essential classes, I care that workers in this country are able to work to live and not only to survive, which is why I support of living wage of $15 an hour, I care about future generations having a clean planet that they can live on, which is why I support environmental justice and the green new deal. Those are just a few issues that I care about.

I want to be a congressman because I have a passion for peace and happiness. I believe that everyone deserves a quality life and every citizen deserves Justice. I won’t be an ordinary politician. If i’m elected to go to congress I will make it my duty to keep the people informed on every aspect that is happening in congress, from why bills are being stalled, to who voted against bills that help the American people and how the people can help the process of getting these bills passed. I don’t believe in compromising on common sense bills that deal with the rights of the American citizens. A right is a right and there should be no compromise on human rights. We as people aren’t asking for too much, we are only asking for equality, fairness and a quality life. I want to go to congress to make sure that the people of this country are being considered and that we push this country towards putting it’s people first.