There is a saying here in America that “Education is the great equalizer” meaning that education breeds equal opportunity. But if we look at our education system today it’s not living up to the equalizing opportunity that it is said to create. Around 50.7 million students in the United States attend public school and the public education system in this country is falling behind. Currently, the federal government covers 8% of public school funding, with the rest falling on states, which generally fund schools by local property taxes. The education of our kids and citizens is important and education could create more opportunity and economic income for our country. 

What's the Plan?

  • Increase funding for public education: We should increase federal spending on public education. State property taxes alone are not enough to give every child and young adult the proper education they need in this country. 


  • Increase Teachers Salary: Teachers are the most important part of our education system. Teachers today even sometimes have to spend their own money to make sure students are equipped with the necessary thing they need in the classroom. We need to make sure teachers are paid a fair and living salary for playing such an important role in educating not just our youth but the country. 


  • Incorporate Financial Literacy Studies in High School: I believe that financial literacy studies should be a required course in all public high schools. We have so many young adults graduating and going directly into debt or financial trouble. By adding financial literacy studies to the high school curriculum it could lead young adults to be better prepared to handle financial responsibilities when entering their adult life after graduating. This could also help generations of adults understand how their contribution helps move our country forward. 


  • Include Teachers In Education Policy: Today we have many legislators making decisions on education policies without any real knowledge of what it does to the teachers, educators, and students that it affects. Teachers and educators should not be left out of policies concerning education, being that they are the people on the front line every day. I would fight to make it standard practice that lawmakers consult with education boards and teachers before implementing any policy concerning education.


  • Add more guidance counselors to schools


  • Make public college Tuition-Free


  • Cancel Student Loan Debt


  • Free / Universal Pre-K
Veteran Support
Criminal Justice Reform
LGBTQ+ Rights
Rural Restoration
Legalize Marijuana
Expand Social Security